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Campus Camping and Learning Session

June 6, 2019 by Admin

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EQUIP for Teachers


EQUIP ni umushinga ugamije gutanga ubu bufasha binyuze muri ibi byigwa hifashishijwe mudasobwa na murandasi ikenerwa ku musozo wa buri kigwa ku isuzuma. Ibi byigwa byateguriwe abarezi bo mu mashuri y'inshuke hirya no hino mu turere bakoreramo.


Videos from the EQUIP course

Independent & Cooperative Learning

Students learn how to work together and independently to accomplish tasks, both in and outside of the classroom.

Critical Thinking

We encourage children to develop problem solving skills from an early age so they can apply their minds to any of life's challenges.

Peace Education

Our message of peace is advocated in everything we do and corporal punishment is never used at our school.